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  since 1993 jeff holland has designed and printed over 500 music related posters under the aegis of cryptographics. his work is on permanent display at denver's fillmore theate, the fox theatre, the ogden, the bluebird and the boulder theater & at twist & shout records ...How much do u get paid in wwe Is wwe fake will be opening march 2nd, 2018 at 6pm at recreative denver featuring over 80 classic silkscreen prints commissioned for music venues in the boulder/denver area. many of these were signed by the musicians at the shows, and are a now piece of history documenting the vibrant music scene in colorado.

holland's silkscreened posters graphically represent each band. the images have multiple levels of meaning, subcultural awareness, or inside musical knowledge, and reflect the modern version of our post-apocalypse technological acceleration...

email jefferson concerning questions, comments or purchase inquiries.

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